Flying solo

Time-saving tips to keep you sane!

Master the art of parenting with a single pair of hands by discovering the time-saving products available at Tommee Tippee which can make life a little bit easier.

Whether you're flying solo from the start or preparing for your partner's return to work, check out these essential time-saving products and handy hints to help your days and nights run a little more smoothly.

Baby Starter Sets

Baby Starter Sets

Baby Starter Sets

Our baby starter sets include everything you need to get started. All include our award-winning baby bottles and super wide breast-like nipples, plus a range of accessories to support happy feeding.

Pump & Go

Our Pump and Go range uses a single pouch to pump, store, warm and feed. This makes the whole process quicker and easier, and no transferring between bottles means you'll never spill a precious drop!

Formula dispensers

A great product for saving time and space, formula dispensers keep up to 8 scoops of formula safe and dry inside your bottle - ready to mix and feed any time, wherever you are.

Electric bottle and food warmer

Electric bottles and food warmers are handy pieces of time-saving equipment which heat a 150ml bottle of breastmilk or formula milk in just 4 minutes, while preserving essential nutrients and avoiding the 'hotspots' created by microwave warming.

Electric & Microwave Sterilizers

Our electric and microwave sterilizers are fast, fuss-free and easy to use, making it easy to protect your baby's tummy from the harmful bacteria that can build up in bottles.

Hints and hacks

Even with the very best time-saving baby products, looking after a newborn by yourself can be hard-going. Here are some handy hints and hacks to help you survive and enjoy the journey.


#1 Keep your important stuff in one place

Keys, phone, wallet. You no longer have time to hunt around the house, so pick a place to keep your important things, and stick to it. Always. Every single time.

#2 Create shortcuts in your routine

2-in-1 shampoo, BB cream instead of foundation, iron-free clothes, taking baths together. Walk through your routine, and start planning short-cuts that could save precious time. Every minute counts!

#3 Shop online

Set up an account or use an app to create a shopping list with your local store. It may be worth researching before your baby arrives, so you can shop quickly and easily when you need to. Include treats for you!

Sangenic Tec Diaper Bin

Sangenic Tec Diaper Bin

#4 Create change stations upstairs and downstairs

Save time and precious energy by having change stations upstairs and downstairs. Each will need a big stack of nappies, wipes, cream, a couple of spare baby grows and a decent diaper bin.

#5 Build a 'baby safe zone'

We all know that's what we'll call it! Creating a safe play pen for your little one gives you peace of mind to crack on with small tasks, knowing they can't get into too much trouble.

#6 Prepack your day bag

Check out our guide on how to pack like a boss, and top up your day bag the night before – it'll be much easier to do without a screaming or sleeping baby in your arms!

#7 Pump & Go

Flying solo doesn't mean doing EVERYTHING by yourself. Pumping can give you back some well-deserved freedom - check out our Pump & Go range, designed to make life simpler for moms who pump.

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