On vacation

Travel, relax, enjoy. That’s the theory!

They'll never be the same again. But by packing the right baby products for a vacation — many of which are available here at Tommee Tippee — and a bit of extra planning, you could have the best trip ever!

The fear is you'll come back more exhausted than when you left, with a massive hole in your wallet. But with the right preparation and a few well-chosen baby products for vacations, you could have an amazing time. Let's look at what you need to take, as well as consider a few cheats to help you win at vacations!

Are you travelling comfortably?

If your main buggy is huge, try to borrow a lighter / collapsible one that's easier to carry around. Or try your baby in a sling - this keeps them close to you when everything around them is changing, and means your hands are free. It's also handy to dress them in layers for travelling, so you can adjust to whatever climate you find yourself in. Plus, a blanket or scarf makes for a great extra layer or shade from light or sun.

Feeding on the go

If you're formula feeding, take LOADS in case you can't get your regular brand wherever you're heading. You'll also need lots of bottles, nipples, a travel bottle bag, bottle warmer and sterilizer if you use one at home. Disposable bibs and a portable high chair are also handy if you're planning to eat out lots while you're away. If you're breastfeeding, consider a scarf or cover if you're unsure about feeding in new places or on public transport, and a lightweight manual breast pump if you're wanting to pump whilst you're away.

Changing bag

Changing bag

Changing on the go

Make things easier by having the mother of all change bags: roll diapers up with a diaper bag inside, ready to dispose of the dirty one. Take a pack of wipes that's already part-used (just a few), so that the wipes come out easier. Use a muslin cloth as a lightweight change mat, and take a spare! Double the number of nappies and baby grows you think you'll need, and remember if there's no safe changing table, use the floor – that way, they can't fall off!

Surviving bed and bath time

For bath time, check if there are bath mats where you're staying, or take your own as they may be a bit grubby for your baby's lovely bum! They'll also feel happier if they have their regular bath toys, bath products, and towel (which will all smell of home too). A universal bath plug and travel blackout blind could also be handy. For bedtime, take sheets from home, as well as their familiar nightlights, music, stories and teddies. These will all help to keep their routine familiar so, fingers crossed, you'll all get a decent night's sleep.

The stuff you'll forget

Other baby products for vacations you could consider are: suncream, water wings, hats, swim nappies, a pop-up tent, buggy shade and rain cover, mosquito patches or repellent, first aid kit, spare pacifiers and teethers – as well as holders so you don't lose the latter two products. It's also handy to take sterilising wipes (highchair trays can be pretty dirty!), washing powder to rinse through clothes before they stain, ziplock bags (you'll use them for everything), a torch (to find stuff in your room whilst they're asleep) and an eye mask - so you can still sleep when they sleep, wherever and whenever that is!


Hints and hacks

Even if you head away with the very best products for vacations with a baby, there will still be tricky moments. Here are some hints and hacks from parents who have mastered the art of holidaying with babies - may these help your holiday be a little less stressful and a lot more fun!

#1 Buy, borrow, or chance it

Go through your ticklist and decide what you can borrow, what you need to buy and what you're happy sorting out when you arrive. This is the best way to save some cash and stay in control (as much as you can).

#2 Take the biggest, lightweight scarf you have

It will become your best friend - acting as a makeshift blanket / sunshade / breastfeeding cover (if you want one). It will also be used to mop up food and sick when you run out of wipes, so maybe take two.

#3 Wear a necklace they can chew

Whether you're travelling by car, bus, train or plane, you'll spend a long time carrying or cuddling your little one. Keep them happy by wearing a big chunky necklace for them to play with and chew!

#4 Head off as soon as your gate is called!

If you're flying, keep an eye and ear out for when your departure gate is called. Then set off straightaway. One of you is bound to forget, drop or do something that will mean it takes longer than you think.

#5 Plugs, plugs and more plugs

Bottle warmers, sterilizers, monitors — it's amazing how many things you need to plug in when you have a baby. Take a multi-socket extension cable and loads of adapters if you're heading overseas.

#6 Diapers - the ultimate hiding spot

If you're by the pool or on the beach, wrap your valuables inside a (clean) diaper - thieves are really unlikely to grab this on their way past. Just don't open the wrong one yourself!

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