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A great day out? It’s in the bag!

Pack like a boss and be ready for everything that your newborn throws at you (literally) with Tommee Tippee's guide of the products required to enjoy days out with a baby.

From compact baby bottles and insulated bottle bags, to spill-free cups and disposable bibs, there are lots of baby products for days out that can make the difference between triumph and disaster! If you want to pack like a boss, let's look at the must-take items to pop in your bag.

Milk Formula Dispensers

Milk Formula Dispensers

Keep bottle feeding simple

You may never have heard of them, but milk formula dispensers are doubly awesome. You measure out the right number of scoops before you leave, then the dispenser fits inside your bottle to save room. Depending on how long you're out for, a travel bottle warmer or insulated bottle bag could also be handy - the last thing you want is a tired baby refusing their bottle or food because it's the wrong temperature!

Keep it clean!

Antiseptic wipes and wet wipes are the obvious starting points, and you'll need a change or two of clothes - for them and you! Diaper bags are great to pop wet or dirty outfits in, and you'll need a muslin cloth or travel change mat. If you're out in the buggy, don't forget to check the weather in case you need the rain cover!


It's worth stacking up on pacifiers and teethers for day trips, and you may consider a pacifier holder if your little one has discovered their throwing arm. It's also worth having a small pack of their medicines just for travel use - smaller bottles or sachets are great – as they can just stay in your bag. And of course, pack a few of their favourite books or toys - but don't go overboard as just being in a new place provides plenty of stimulation for your baby.

Hints and hacks

Even armed with the best product ideas for days out with a baby, the reality of family life means something unexpected will happen. Here are some hints and hacks from parents who have been there and done it, to help keep mess and mayhem to a minimum!


#1 Keep it local

Whether you're nipping next door or heading to the shops, your baby needs exactly the same gear. Do yourself a favour and keep your first trip out local, so you can easily nip back home if you need to.

#2 Top up when you get back

If you can, restock your day bag as soon as you get home - that way you don't have bottles or food jars getting grotty and you know exactly what you need to top up on.

Nap times

Nap times

#3 Plan nap times

If you're heading out for a full day, try to plan your schedule so that nap times coincide with car travel, buggy time or down-time. Ideally, slot stimulating activities, like meeting friends, in between.

#4 Don't forget they grow!

That change of clothes you've had stuffed in the bottom of your day bag has a very definite shelf life! Check it every few weeks to make sure it still fits!

#5 Don't forget you

You're doing longer, harder days than ever before, so make sure you pack snacks and a drink for you, not just your new arrival. Parenting is hard work!

#6 Don't go if you don't want to!

If you have a newborn baby and your friends don't, never feel bad about inviting them over, even if you've arranged to meet elsewhere. They may even do the washing up while they're at it!

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