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Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Digital Monitors.

How long will the parent unit hold it charge?

It should last for up to 8-hours. That’s assuming you leave it charging on the docking station for at least 10-hours prior to your first use. Failure to do so can affect future performance.

Is there any danger to my baby from electricity in the sensor pad?

Absolutely not. The sensor pad doesn’t carry any electricity so cannot affect or harm your baby in any way - even if there’s a little accident and the mattress gets wet!

What is the ticking sound on my sound and movement monitor and how do I turn it off?

The ticking sound is there to reassure you that your sensor pad is connected properly, and is sensing movement from your little one. If you’d rather turn it off, that’s no problem.

You can do so by referring to the ‘adjusting the ticking sound’ section in the instructions manual which can be downloaded here.”

To adjust the ticking sound:
• Press and +/- to go to TICK TONE menu in parent unit.
• Press and +/- to go to SENSITIVITY menu in parent unit.
• Press and the current status is displayed.
• Press +/- to select ON or OFF.
• Press to confirm the settings.
• "SAVED" will display and back to previous screen.

I keep getting false alarms from my sound and motion monitor - what should I do?

Sorry about that - it shouldn’t often happen, but it must be scary when it does! The issue could be that your little one has moved off the pad. The alarm would then sound as it wouldn’t be able to detect any movement. Vibrations close to the sensor pad (like a toy that sings or wiggles) can also cause the alarm to sound, so have a quick check and remove anything nearby. If false alarms continue, try decreasing the sensitivity setting and try again.

There is no alarm, even after 20-seconds of no movement. What should I do?

The alarm won’t go off if it detects movement - so first of all check for anything near to the sensor pad that could cause movement or vibrations (like a toy that sings or wiggles). You can also try decreasing the sensitivity setting. If you’re concerned there’s no alarm even when your baby isn’t in their cot (e.g. when you take them out to feed), try switching off the sensor pad when you take them out, then switch the pad back on when you pop them back down.

What should I do if the LCD shows ‘no link’?

This means the signal has dropped between the baby unit and parent unit. The parent unit will also flash and beep every 10 seconds if this happens. To restore the connection, try moving the parent unit closer to the baby unit, or repositioning it within the house. The reach of the unit is 300m though, so shouldn’t be a problem unless you live in a castle!

How long does the nightlight last?

This depends whether you're powering the baby unit by batteries or mains electricity. If you have the unit plugged in, the nightlight will stay on until switched off. If using batteries, the nightlight will fade out after 5-minutes to conserve energy.

Why did the sensor pad alarm only last a few seconds?

If there’s no movement for 20 seconds, the alarm beeps to alert your baby as well as you. The noise will cause your baby to stir, and their movement stops the alarm. The only other reason for a short beep from your alarm, is if it’s been manually reset.

From time to time, the unit goes completely silent. Why is this?

The DECT digital monitor has a power saving feature which makes the unit completely silent until it detects a noise. This is completely normal. Changing the sensitivity of the sound detection can be done very easily and will stop the unit going into power save mode. You can find our step by step guide within our product instructions.

Can I store my monitor for future use?

Of course! Just ensure it’s packaged securely, away from heat or water, and remove and wrap the batteries separately. If possible, try to avoid storing in your loft or basement as there’s a high chance of moisture, which may affect your unit.

How do I order a free cord cover kit for my monitor?

To order your free cord cover kit please fill in the form here.

Product manuals

Please click on the link below and download the Digital Video Monitor Product Manual.

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