Soft Rim Soothers

Babies love to suckle, so the Soft Rim Soothers allow baby to suckle and you to have a moment of peace.

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Protect your baby’s sensitive skin while maintaining their oral health with our Soft Rim Soothers

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Soft Rim Soothers

Soft Rim Soothers

Our Soft Rim Soothers have a soft outer rim to cushion baby’s face – perfect for little ones with sensitive skin. What’s more, the reversible orthodontic baglet helps protect your baby’s oral health.



  • Natural rubber latex real orthodontic baglet
  • Soft rim for sensitive baby skin
  • For babies aged 6 to 18 months
  • All soothers are BPA-free for ultimate reassurance.
  • They are suitable for all forms of sterilisation.
  • All soothers are available in packs of 2."

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